Monday, December 18, 2000

"You and I"

Sitting in class
Thinking of you
Is this it
I ask myself
Will it all end with you?

If I have my way
You’ll be my last
Together forever
Forget our past

I'll love you forever
I'll never let you go
I'll keep you in my heart
'til time is ready
To make us part

I'll always care
No matter what we do
I know deep down in my heart
I can never stop loving you

When I'm with you
I have nothing to fear
Just knowing in my heart
You’ll always be near

Whenever we're apart
I feel the pain
When I think about you
My heart skips a beat
How can you possibly be so sweet

When we're together
Just you and I
It feels like I
Shall never die

I promise to you
What I'm saying is true
I'll love you until
our time is through

Sunday, July 2, 2000

"Losing Control"

The walls shaking
The voices raging
I cannot take it
Feel I'm losing control
Body, mind, and soul
Walking the street
Clearing my mind
Calming the suicide
Have no friends
Have no family
Nobody to turn to
During this lonely voyage
Nowhere to go
Nowhere to turn
I have no place
In which I can call home
I want it to end
Kill the pain
I feel I'm getting weak
Losing ground
I wish my life would just turn around
Nothing to live for
Nothing to lose
So now you understand
I'm losing control
And soul…

Monday, June 19, 2000

"Deadly Sins"

My thoughts disturbing
My ideas inadequate
The once virgin boy
Slain by the evils of the night
He believed in the devil
The Satanik decree
He believed nobody was as powerful as he
The once true god struck down thee
With thunder and lightening
Killing the decree
He told the boy
"I am the only God"
"Bow down before me"
"If you wish not to die"
As the boy heard these words
He removed the dagger from his belt
Said these words
And took himself
"Then I'll see you in hell"
"I shalt not go alone"