Monday, January 29, 2001

Why Do You Do Me So

"Why Do You Do Me So"
J. Rodgers and J. Nelson

I've loved you since the day that I met you
And I'll love you until the day that I die
All I want is to be with you
I long to once again be your guy
I can't understand why you do me so wrong
All you make me want to do is cry
I tell you in my dreams that I love you
And in my dreams you love me too
The only problem is you see
I just can't seem to stay asleep
I wish I could just relax
I wish I could stop this pain
I wish I could be like you
And hide it all away
This emotion I am feeling is real
And I wish you felt it too
I wish that you could love me
The way that I can't help but love you
My whole life has changed ever since I met you
And all I need now is you
My friends just don't understand me
But that's for the best I guess
This burden I take when I mention your name
Just drives them all away
None of them want to stay
Everybody knows I love you
Unfortunately you do too
But you don't have to love me
I understand it takes time
All I ask of you
Is to please me mine
I can't understand why you do me so
Is there anything I can do
Anything I can say
To make your beautiful face
Turn and look my way
Give me a chance to show you
How much I really care
Give me a chance to prove to you
That I will always be there
Why do you do me so
Why do you play these games
Why do you act like you like me
But refuse to let it really show
Please tell me why
Why you do me so...