Monday, January 31, 2011

New Day

"New Day"

We can't feel joy
Without the pain
or smell the roses 
Without the rain

The darkest clouds
Fade away
Revealing to us
A beautiful new day

My Daughter asked
A question so hard
Why the divorce
I feel another scar

The tears she cries
Because of me
She's not the only one
Our tears flow free

I miss her with every
beat of my heart
My beautiful baby girl
Not wanting to be apart

She called me Daddy
I held back my tears
She's seen too many
Over three long years

Her mother and me
My wife and I
We can do this
We need to try

We are better than this
The both of us
We need a little more love
And a lot more trust

Can we do this
Should we try
Is it worth our love
Or should we just say goodbye...

I Love You

"I Love You"

I'm not depressed
Sad, or upset
Yet, I'm writing poems
They keep running through my head

My inspiration
Came via phone
Laying here in bed
I no longer feel alone

Since last night
Walking dazed, and confused
Wondering if I'm dreaming
Was I really talking to you

Did you say what I think
It sounded so true
I asked you three times
The most beautiful words...I love you

Do you really love me
Do you mean what you say
Can we be together
Somehow, some way

I know in my head
That we cannot
My heart had to ask
About such a wonderful thought

My love for you
Remains strong, and true
The three most beautiful words
I love you...


J. Rodgers

I'm keeping my heart
Close to my side
I can't let you know
My love I must hide

Over the years
It has held on strong
For the last petal
Is still where it belongs

I wish I could tell you
How I feel inside
Tell you that I love you
and not have to hide

What I want
Can never be
Lost in love
For all eternity

If only we'd look back
Twenty years from now
Laugh at our mistakes
Wondering how

Holding our Grandchild
So beautiful, and true
Finally loving another
As I love her and you

With you I vowed
To spend my life
Trin as my Daughter
You, as my beautiful wife

I know it's too late
We can never be
Together in my dreams
Forever, you and me...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Final Day

Final Day
J. Rodgers

Although I tried
I could not die
A bottle of pills
Yet nobody cried

They did not care
If I lived or died
Just gives me reason
To give it another try

Without them here
There's nothing left to lose
I have failed myself
Nothing left to prove

As I finish the bottle
Of Gentleman Jack
The pills take effect
I've fallen to my back

I see it all pass
Before my eyes
This life I've wasted
Based on lies

Looking at myself
Frozen in time
Pictures from the past
When you were happily mine

I see the day we met
Rain dripping down your face
Your beautiful blue eyes
As we unpacked your suitcase

I can see Trin
The day her and I met
Or when she called me "Daddy"
That, I'll never forget

Our first real Christmas
Together, at last
It will always be special
A highlight of my past

Now I feel I'm fading
Vision, going black
I'll miss you, and I love you
There's no going back

As my life
Slips away
You were on my mine
On my final day...

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Walking Away

"Walking Away"

Should I walk away
Let her go
Live my life
On the open road

Would she be better of
without me there
complicating her life
as if I don't care

I've already lost one
i hope she's doing well
How my baby is doing
Her mother refuses to tell

I'm getting tired
of walking alone
surrounded by people
searching for home

Should I give up
Stop the tears
walk away
Face my fears

She is better off
Without me there
I'd give her nothing
but sadness and despair

I've made up my mind
I'm walking away
I'll never forget her
In my heart she'll stay

Raise out daughter
The very best
Tel her "daddy loved her"
But failed life's test

Make sure she ends up
Not like me
Make sure she smiles
Lives happy and free

This choice was made
From the heart with love
As I kiss her goodbye
And embrace death from above...