Thursday, August 25, 2011



What could I do
to catch your eye
I know that you're taken
but still, should I try

You're very beautiful
and sweet as can be
Would I have a chance
if you found yourself free

Those beautiful eyes
and angel face
what I wouldn't do
to stand in his place

The way I feel
It's been so long
I know you're taken
but it doesn't feel wrong

Should I walk away
let you be
to live your life
with him and not me

I think I will
I'll walk away
You seem to happy
for me to stay

Remember this
my heart is true
If you ever need me
I'm here for you

I'm here as a friend
but wishing more
everything about you
I absolutely adore

So to you I give
another chance to say
You want to stand with me
until our final days

Stand together
until the end
life long lover
and very best friend...

Friday, August 19, 2011

"I'm Here"

Don't let your tears fall
From your child's eyes
They need not know why
Their mommy cries

They need not know
the hits you take
or that your love for daddy
is predominantly fake

Don't put them in the middle
Never let them see
The fights are between you and him
Let them be free

I know it's not my business
and I don't mean to pry
I'm thinking of the children
You really need to try

I'm here for you now
as I'll always be
friends til the end
you and me

I'm here to catch you
before you fall
Your friend to lean on
When your back is against the wall

I'll pick you up
wipe the tears
With me by your side
You have nothing to fear

I'm your shouder
When you need to cry
the voice of solace
when you hope to die

Don't forget
I'm always near
your friend until the end
here to kiss away your tears

When you decide
to walk away
you and the kids
have a safe place to stay...

Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Dear Catelyn"

Daddy's little angel
Lighting up my way
Forever in my heart
My little girl will stay

I wish you'd slow down
You're growing up to fast
I wasn't supposed to have kids
You're my first, and last

I'm greeted each morning
by your beautiful smile
Like you, I've been waiting
A very long while

The darkened path
I'd always walked
Came to an end
As our eyes first locked

From that moment
I always knew
My life was worth living
because of you

There is nothing in this world
I would not do
to show my baby girl
Daddy's love is true

Nothing compares
to that very first kiss
or falling down myself
when that first step you miss

But , don't worry Catelyn
I'll never let you fall
Your first lesson in life
I love you above all

So, whenever you feel
like you're losing ground
Your daddy is near
just look around

You can always trust
Daddy is here
You're my baby girl
There is nothing to fear

I no longer have
That long regret
Wishing your mother
I had never met

I know her and I
Will never get along
But this much is true
Our love for you is strong

We'll always be here
to help yuo through
When life is hard
We're here for you

The years may pass
but we'll be right here
Growing with our baby
for many long years

One day late
our time will come
Our time together
will come undone

Don't be sad
and please don't cry
We want to remember the happiness
and smile in your eyes

Even after we're gone
My lessons will live on
Live happy and free
and Always stay strong...

Monday, August 15, 2011


You look at me thinking
"He has it all"
A place of his own and money
You never see the fall

I go home alone
lay down in bed
Thoughts of what could be
racing through my head

Thoughts of laying down
A kiss before I sleep
Having someone hold me
When the dreams get too deep

Thoughts of waking up
To another beautiful smile
Knowing she'll always be there
to go the extra mile

I doubt I'll ever find it
A woman who's love is true
Sometimes it's good to be me
Most times I'd rather be you

I'd rather be the person
Who's heart is filled with love
Than the man I have become
Who believes in nothing up above

You look at me thinking
I have it all
As I spiral downward
hugging the wall

Such a long way
Trying not to look down
Embracing my future alone
In my thoughts I slowly drown

I've looked far and wide
to find a woman so true
I think I'd have better luck
If I was more like you

I'll trade you paths
you can have my life
Maybe then I'd feel happy
still have a loving wife

So, I urge you not
envy me
You a much better person
Than I'll ever be...

Saturday, August 6, 2011


Get in my way
and you shall see
The person I've become 
who you've made me

It didnt matter
that you were never there
I didnt miss you
I never cared

You stayed away 
as much as you can
Leaving your family
you had your own plan

You were never needed
as you're still not today
You were never a mother
so get out of my way

You walked out on your family
a husband and son
To fuck a juvenile
your life coming undone

Now you think
you can fix the past
Obcessing over my daughter
it's over at last

You tell people I'm a bad daddy
I'm no good for my girl
At least I'm trying
Not avoiding the hurdle

I'll never walk away
from my beautiful baby girl
I'm nothing like you
My child is my world

So when you think
you're better then me
Look in the mirror
maybe then you'll see

You were a piece of shit mom
and thats coming from me
Keep talking about my daughter 
my face you will see

You may think im playing
but believe me im not
Keep playing your games
I'll leave you to rot

As mean as this sounds
believe me it true
You did it yourself
blame nobody but you

Nobody cares
if tears you cry
I honestly don't give a damn 
if it makes you want to die

Maybe you'll think about
all that you lost
When you didn't give a fuck
about the lives you crossed...

Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Causalities of War"

I've been to hell
To fight and die
The people of this country
Still asking why

Why did you go
Willing to fight
Why don't you care
About doing what's right

Do you get off on it
Have an urge to kill
or a brainwashed Soldier
Who enjoys the thrill

I'm inhumane
So they say
Cause I took a life
To see another day

If only they seen
The pain in my eyes
After that first kill
The tears I cried

That little child
Maybe three years old
A bullet between the eyes
As my heart grew cold

Why you ask
Did the child die
to kill his pain
as the Abrams tracked by

The orders followed
Were plain and clear
We stop for nothing
We must strictly ad hear

The child was laying
In the middle of the street
Hajis with cell phone
Walking their beats

Unable to avoid
The child so near
The possibilities of an IED
Was my number one fear

I shot between the eyes
To minimize the pain
Knowing in my heart
The Abrams could not refrain

Afraid of hearing 
The screaming so loud
Of the child being crushed
and you think I'm proud

You think I don't
Stay awake at night
a victim of my actions
and easy to fright

Now you why
My heart grew cold
The man I am today
Could not be foretold

Whenever I see
a young child alone
I'm taken back to the day
His body laying prone

I don't speak much
of my time in the dust
I find it difficult to love
Even harder to trust

So, tell me again
What you think of me
because of my actions
Your speech is free

The freedom you enjoy
Was payed with my life
I gave all I had
Nothing left for my wife

I've been alone and unhappy
Since I stepped off the sand
I walk alone
She no longer holds my hand

This I've given
To keep you free
My present and future
Everything that was me...