Sunday, October 16, 2005

You're Gone

You left me alone

In the pouring rain

Blood-soaked tears

Streaming down a broken face

Making cuts

That soon will heal

The blood is seeping

This is for real

I tried so hard

Not to break down and cry

Just as the tears

Fell from my eyes

I've lost another

Third in a week

Now I'm alone

With nowhere to go

How can I be loved

For I've lost all inside

No one to love me

No one to care

The one who stood by me

When times grew hard

The one who cared

Is the one who's no longer there

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Too Late

Blood is raging

Don't ask me why

This meaningless life

Just waiting to die

A victim of the pain

I've built up inside

Nowhere it can go

Nowhere it can hide

What else can I do

For I have nothing left inside

My life revolving aound

Fear and foolish pride

I'm fighting a battle

I just can't win

Everyone's against me

I'm running against the wind

Thoughts of suicide

Running through my veins

Not wanting to die

Just kill the pain

In my heart

The answers wait

Will I find them in time

Or is it already too late...