Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

My mind is trapped
Alone in the zone
Nobodies willing to help
A Soldier's mind get back home

The bullets were flying
But I made it home
Two brothers left dead
In the combat zone

Tears I cry
Almost everynight
Hiding in my pillow
Holding it so very tight

Praying I make it home
From the nightly fight
As I'm dreaming of my brother
Caught in Afgani gun sights

I see them each night
Everytime I close my eyes
My brothers in arms
Who proudly gave their lives

Screams from the wounded
Silence of the dead
Those are what haunt me
What I can't get out of my head

My body's phycally home
My mind's still i nthe combat zone
Searching for some place to hide
Having no place to go

Holding my fallen friend
Blood seeping from his chest
He died to save my life
I'm thankful he did his best

They tell me I'm okay
It's all just in my head
They don't know the things I've done
They don't know how many I've left dead

I took fathers and sons
I took husbands and wives
Everynight I ask myself why
Why I took so mant lives

They say I saved my men
We lost no friendly lives
The only thing that they can't see
Is that I'm dead inside...