Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Mandatory Suicide

In this paradox of life
I used to know so well
The path of my existance
Has led me into Hell

I'm lost in my maze of mortality
I'm drowning in blood soaked tears
I'm falling from a starless sky
As an angel scarred with fears

I've looked far and wide
I've bled and I've cried
But happiness is something
I still can't seem to find

You left me alone
In the pouring rain
Blood-Soaked tears
Streaming down a borken face

You said you cared
I knew you lied
I seen you with him
That's why I'm dead inside

You met me late
That very night
You told me you loved me
You held me as I cried

Why can't you see
The pain in my eyes
Why can't you understand
The hurt I feel inside

You've been with me
Such a long, long time
You've held me as I've bled
You've held me as I cried

The time has come
For I must go
Time is running slowly
For my tortured soul

Making cuts
That can never heal
The blood is gushing
This is for real

You've seen it coming
You knew I'd die
A victim of my own
Mandatory suicide...

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Soldier's Goodbye

Bullets were flying
All around
No time to duck
As I hit the ground

The blood was flowing
Don't ask why
But I wasn't fighting for my life
I wanted to die

No reason to live
No family back home
Better to die here
Than home alone

Stressin' fro home
More than here
The thought of dying
Suppresses the fears

So, when I die
Shed no tears
Know I died with honor
And showed no fear

Through my death
I'll save a life
Helping another Soldier
Return to his faithful wife

Though I've died
I'm not alone
I'm with my Brothers
They'll carry me home

Although I'm being
Put to rest
Please don't cry
For I did my best

I did not go easy
It was a hell of a fight
My war is over now
This is my last night

I'll watch from above
I will not sleep
Til my Brothers come home
No combat boots on their feet

So, this is it
I'm saying good bye
I love you all
For this will be the last time I write