Monday, December 10, 2007

Stay Strong

Tears falling
From a child's face
His body battered
His legs in a brace

Almost dead
Before they came
Now another child
Will take his place

What would happen
Only time would tell
His beautiful baby Sister
Was put through Hell

Nobody cared
Only she cried
With every beating
She fought to survive

So here we are
My Sister and me
We fought so hard
Now we're finally free

The pain we had
Is finally gone
Forgive, never forget
But, always stay strong

Why We Fight

You don't care
That we fight and die
You don't have to hear
Our wounded Soldiers Cry

As a Soldier
We'll give our lives
So people like you
May walk the line

You tell us we're no good
You hope we die
Soon enough you'll be thanking me
From the other side

It's people like you
Who gives us reason to fight
In most places, with your opinion
You'd have already died

So everytime you try
To hurt a Soldier's pride
Just remember it was us
Who gave you that right..