Sunday, September 25, 2011


I've met someone special
Who deserves more than me
She deserves so much better
Than I could ever be

Thanks to a friend
She's in my life
Yet the time apart cuts
Like a dull edge knife

I hope when I'm home
She's right by my side
My girl and my baby
My joy, and my pride

I feel so close
In the time so small
For the first time in awhile
I feel I have it all

I know it's to soon to tell you
But in my words, you'll know
You've helped me find my smile
I hope you don't let me go

I'm sorry for the drama
That's come your way
If you walk away, I understand
But I'm praying that you stay

I'd like to wake up
You sleeping by my side
Trusting you with everything
My fears won't have to hide

So let me know
If your heart is true
Do you feel about me
as I feel about you...

Saturday, September 24, 2011


I wake up in bed
Nervous and weak
As my feet hit the floor
My outlook appears bleak

I roll outta bed
Stumbling down the hall
Searching for Catelyn's room
Finding only walls

I ask myself why
How can this be
No other reason
It must be me

Am I in hell
Or a dream so real
What will it take
For my mind to finally heal

I make my way back
The way I came
A doorless hallway
I must be to blame

So where do I go
When there's only walls
Then a light up ahead
The flames grow tall

I run towards the light
Flames darting up the walls
Now I see my destiny
I'm destined to fall

I think to myself
No reason to stop
Pushing myself forward
Towards the flames so hot

As I fall into
Eternal flames
I realize something new
Life's just a game

A game of skill
We have to play
If we want to wake up
To another day

In my eyes
The flames die down
Yet another light
Slowly surrounds

I open my eyes
To the sun so bright
Run to Catelyn's room
Hold her tight

The tunnels end
May not be in sight
But just keep searching
Until you find the light...

"Woman's State"

I'm trying to stay positive
As much as I can
Knowing I'm just
In where I stand

Do I have faith
In the law that I love
That has me locked in a cell
Like someone's pet dove

What are the chances
That they refuse to see
Because I'm a man
It's her who hits me

Do they even care
Who does the crime
As long as a mother
Doesn't do time...

"Domestic Truths"

I woke up in bed
Not alone
Being touched by another
Amanda lay prone

I told her to stop
'Get the fuck out"
Got out from under her
Began to block

Picked up my cell
Went to the hall
Dodged her fist
As it hit the wall

I went to the bedroom
To avoid the fight
Locked the door
Hoping for a better night

After she kicked in
My bedroom door
I dodged the punches
We toppled to the floor

She grabbed my cell
Busted the screen
The number to call
Were all unseen

I grabbed another
Phone to call
She heard me talking
Ran down the hall

I needed help
So I called the Police
Now I sit in jail
Awaiting release

While she sits at home
A smile on her face
My Daughter in her arms
Another guy at my place

I'm not mad
She'll get what's coming
When the scales of justice tilt
You'll see her come running

Running for the help
She lost long ago
I'm no longer there
This hand let go

Now she'll fall
It's a long way down
In memories of lives shattered
Slowly, she'll drown...

"The Past"

There's been much violence
Bloodshed and tears
You and I tried
Year after year

You didn't understand
You were my true love
Everything about you
Sent from above

But I wasn't enough
To quench your thirst
As I marched off to war
My happy bubble burst

You found someone new
When I got on that plane
Only ten days
Unable to refrain

You didn't care then
If I lived or died
Not til I came home
Nothing left inside

That's when you asked me
If I loved you still
After fucking another
Not against your will

So now take a step
Backwards and see
Who's really to blame
Is it you, or me

Who's to blame
For your tears at night
For the hate in your heart
That pushes you to fight

I'm not to blame
For the pain you feel
I walked away
I took time to heal

I urge to you
Do the same
Live your life
Find a better mind frame...

"The Choice"

Laying here alone
Thinking of my Daughter's eyes
Those beautiful baby blues
Like start in the night sky

I hope one day later
You're old enough to know
My love for you was strong
I never wanted to let go

I never wanted to see you
Shed your tears at night
Or live your life as I
An ongoing fight

Thinking, should I leave
Or for my baby, should I stay
\Should I be a Daddy
Or because of your mommy, walk away

I know I shouldn't do it
But walk away I must
Her mother and I
Have lost all sense of trust

I'm hoping that you know
Your Daddy's love was strong
But I couldn't deal with your mother
It's best that I stay gone

It's best if I leave you now
With a smile, not a tear
If your Daddy you never know
Me leaving, you'll never fear

Sitting here alone
Holding back the tears
Wondering where you'll be
In the next twenty years

I hope you find you'll way
Back into your Daddy's arms
Twenty years from now
I'll still protect you from harm

I'll still be your rock
And hold you when you cry
Hoping for that day
Makes me want to try

So here I am, back where I began
Do I walk away
Or for my baby
Do I stay

I think I'll be a man
Do what I gotta do
Nothing will keep me away
I'm your Daddy, and I love you!

"The Game"

I was hoping to see the smile
Of an angel on your face
Instead I saw a frown
Your happiness misplaced

Nothing is as it seems
It takes time for the truth to come
In the end it won't be us
But Amanda who comes undone

Give it time
And you will see
As her lies come spewing out
Justice will be with me

I'm preparing for a jury
A trial by fire
Getting everything ready
I'm taking the road that's higher

No use in getting mad
Slinging insults and blame
To me this is my life
To her it's just a game

The Police just a pawn
The judge merely the Queen
What she fails to understand
Is the evidence is King

So when it finally comes
We're at the trial date
When all is said and done
Smile, and say 'Checkmate'