Saturday, October 19, 2013


I keep traveling back
To another day
Many years ago
When I walked away
I had a good life
A job that I enjoyed
Yet my smile was scarce
My happiness void
My Mother seen I was unhappy
That I needed to get out and date
But I'm not the type of guy
To find love second rate
I tried the bar scene
But it wasn't for me
I didn't want a drunk
Or a criminal history
So I posted online
As my Mother had before
She said, "give it a shot"
As I opened a new door
I thought it was a joke
Dating online
Nothing to take serious
Until the stars seemed to align
I logged into the site
With a message or two waiting
One was just the usual
The other one more relating
I read the message
Intrigued at the thought
Of dating a Soldier
I thought I'd give it a shot
More and more messages
Between her and I
Every day on my way to work
I never wanted to say "goodbye"
Then the day came
I was sitting in a Kroger parking space
Des sang to her daughter
In her voice such grace
That moment I felt
My heart skip a beat
Her beautiful voice
I hoped I would soon meet
Later that night
I made my choice
I put in for vacation
I had to meet that beautiful voice
She was coming soon
Only six hours away
She asked if I'd help move
I never thought I'd stay
We got her unpacked
Then started to talk
I didn't know it yet
But I'd never want to walk
It wasn't long
Before I was in love
With a beautiful Soldier
Seemingly sent from above
I never thought
I'd make it there
Genuinely happy
With not a care
Then I met
The beautiful little girl
Who soon called me Daddy
Trin will always me my world
This was six year ago
Yet the feelings are still true
Eight hundred miles apart
Yet my heart stays with you
I meant every word
Til death do us part
With every breath that I breath
I'll love you with all my heart...