Thursday, July 8, 2010

"Tears on Paper"

Do I mean
The words I write
The harsh realities
Or the suicides

The pain that comes
And always goes
Comes out on paper
Like tears, it flows

How I feel
I let it out
It keeps me going
And calms the shout

I do not plan
On suicide
Behind my poetry
I'll shyly hide

You may think
I'm crazy indeed
You'd never think
I'm a man in need

In need of his wife
And his daughter's smile
I'm missing my family
They've been gone awhile

I didn't give them
The love the need
Now I'm alone
On paper I bleed

I'm hoping soon
They come my way
My family and I
Will be here to stay...

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Want to Die

I pull the razor
Across my skin
Splitting my flesh
Watching blood begin

I feel no pain
From the cut so deep
My heart is in pieces
My distance I'll keep

I want to die
Kill the pain inside
Can't fight the tears
So I cry and cry

My Wife is gone
My Daughter too
I lost my life
When I lost you

The day you left
I made a choice
Through pill, gun or blade
I shall silence my voice

I want to die
Take my last breath
When the pills take effect
I shall fear not death

I tried int once
But did not die
I'm not a quitter
I'll give it another try

Nobody will save me
Not like they care
Nobody would stop me
Just point, laugh, and stare...

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Standing alone

in a crowded hall
all eyes on me
awaiting my call

They push and pull
give and take
I'm losing control
about to break

They try to run my life
who I need to be
I'm tired of everyone wanting
I need to be set free

I am my own man
25-years old
I've been to hell and back
yet I'm still being told

You don't know what's best
and you never cared in the past
If my life you keep living
my life will be your last

Just leave me alone
back off and see
let me happy
allow me to be free

To make my own choices
and be my own man
You may not agree
but I have my own plan

So again I ask
to let me be
I'm walking away
I'm finally free...