Friday, September 19, 2008


Do you even care
About the price I pay
The sleepless nights
The tired days

Do you understand
The pain in my heart
Living with the memories
Of the families I tore apart

You point and laugh
When a Soldier cries
I bow my head
For his Soldier who died

It's not for you
That we fight and die
Not for our country
Our flag, or our pride

We fight to free
Those oppressed
We fight for our lives
And we do our best

But this is war
And soldiers die
That doesn't mean we quit
We fight harder, we survive

Until I die
I'll walk with pride
My head held high|
For my brother's who died

So walk away
Bow your head
Show respect
Give thanks to our dead

If it wasn't for them
You wouldn't be free
To do what you want to do
Or be who you want to be

A humbled apology
We're waiting to hear
Be ause of our Soldiers
You have nothing to fear