Friday, August 8, 2008

I Don't Undertand

You don’t understand
Why I cry at night
Or why I’m afraid
When you turn down the light

The pain I’d feel
Every night
When he came home drunk
Wanting to fight

Baby, I love you
And you’re here with me
I’d never hurt you
You’re safe as can be

You don’t understand
It was all my fault
I came home early
Around three o’clock

When I shouldn’t be home
I caught him cheating
I told the Doctor I fell
I denied the beating

That’s no excuse
To hit your wife
I understand you were scared
Fighting for your life

You don’t understand
I didn’t wanna stay
It’s all my fault
I didn’t walk away

I lied to the Police
They took him anyway
He broke my arm,
And came back the next day

You can’t continue
Blaming yourself
You’re safe with me
You’re no longer in hell

I don’t understand
Why you love me so
Why you hold me tight
Without letting go

Because I love you
And that’s what you deserve
A man to be there for you
Not one you have to serve

A man to be your husband
And love you ‘til the end
Keeping you safe
And being your very best friend

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