Wednesday, June 11, 2008


The blood is dripping
From my lonely heart
Everything I love
Is falling apart

What's the use
Of breaking free
If I caused my loved ones
So much misery

Would I be miss
If I walked away
With the pain I've caused
I couldn't say

You are my life
My very breath
Without you here
I shall fear not death

I'm walking alone
Down this lonely aisle
Focusing on what's ahead
Walking towards Satan's smile

Knowing what I've done
The lives I've shattered
Leaves me feeling nothing
But beaten and battered

Can I be saved
From the hell I've caused
If I told you that I love you
Would you smile, and pause

Will you be my angel
Sent from above
Picking me up
Like a little white dove

Through thick and thin
Would you be in my life
Through good times and bad
Would you be my wife

Would you stand next to me
Until the end
Will you be my wife
And my best friend

I love you so much
Trinity to
I want to be with you both
And forever be true

Give us a chance
To get on our feet
If you don't love me then
I'll accept defeat

I'll pack my stuff
And leave you alone
Follow a new path
And make a new home

No matter the outcome
I'll love you both
If you ever need anything
You can always come home

I'll be waiting there
In the dark alone
For my family
To come back home...

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