Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Sitting right beside you
Knowing that it’s true
I know in my heart
I’ll never stop loving you

Those beautiful brown eyes
Your smile when we talk
I love the time with you
As down the halls we walk

I know I'm much to young
To know what I want in life
But I do know that I love you
You would make an amazing wife

These words I’m writing
However so true
Will never leave my heart
They’ll never get back to you

I wrote these words
Many years ago
In a middle school classroom
Yet the feelings are still so

Now I sit
In my house alone
Cursing the memories
Of what I left unknown

I’d drop what I’m doing
To be with you
For you alone
My heart is true

I don’t know why
I opened this book
Found an unfinished poem
Back to you I was took

If you ever read this
Remember it’s true
I’ll always be there
My heart belongs to you...

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