Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Motherly Love

"Motherly Love"

You didn't care
to catch the tears
Tearing her away
Confirming her fears

Pulling her away 
From Daddy and Friend
Her only protection
From your troubled whirlwind

Who will be
Her Daddy now
Will he stand tall
Humble and proud

Or will he do
As the rest
Put hands on my little girl
As you say, "he's the best"

She's been beaten
Molested and raped
While you looked away
Scared of red tape

You walked away
In the past
Left her with monsters
Each one being the last

Then with me
Her safety was clear
Nothing would happen
With Daddy so near

But you pulled her away
Returned her to hell
Molested again
But you refused to tell

Why you have her
I'll never know
She should be with me
I'll never let go

I'd ensure her safety
and always be true
I can make sure
She never ends up like you

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