Thursday, November 18, 2010

"My Baby"

I'm on the road again,
to a place where the highway ends
my demons pushing from behind
waiting to see, is this the end time?

You took my daughter
once again
on your face
a slyish grin

Too soon now
it will take
to wipe that look
off your face

You try to control
that which you cannot
soon enough you will see
as she unties the knot

You were never there
when she needed you
always busy
and never true

It was me
that hugged her and kissed her goodnight
while you were gone
I was her guiding light

Soon enough
the day will come
her love for you
will come undone

Don’t be confused
and don’t ask me why
I won’t care how you feel
I don’t care if you cry

You had your chance
but you her go
just like your mother
your daughter, you’ll never know

I’ll be here for her
until my dying day
she knows Daddy loves her
In my heart, she'll always stay...

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