Thursday, March 29, 2012

"Happy Birthday"

You’ve been on this earth 
For 12 months today
I wouldn't give anything up
Or have it any other way

Your mother and I 
May never get along
But believe me when I say
You’ve never done anything wrong

I wish I could be there
To hold you tight
Your very first birthday
This just doesn't feel right

I was lucky enough to watch
Your very first breath
That day I knew
There was more to life than death

Even though I’ve missed
So many of your firsts
It was never my choice
For you, my heart bursts

I swear to you
When all is done
I’ll be right there
I’ll never run

I’ll make sure you know
My love is true
You’re Daddy’s little angel
And I’ll always love you

So again I say
I love you dear
Happy Birthday baby
I’ll always be here…

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