Sunday, September 25, 2011


I've met someone special
Who deserves more than me
She deserves so much better
Than I could ever be

Thanks to a friend
She's in my life
Yet the time apart cuts
Like a dull edge knife

I hope when I'm home
She's right by my side
My girl and my baby
My joy, and my pride

I feel so close
In the time so small
For the first time in awhile
I feel I have it all

I know it's to soon to tell you
But in my words, you'll know
You've helped me find my smile
I hope you don't let me go

I'm sorry for the drama
That's come your way
If you walk away, I understand
But I'm praying that you stay

I'd like to wake up
You sleeping by my side
Trusting you with everything
My fears won't have to hide

So let me know
If your heart is true
Do you feel about me
as I feel about you...

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