Friday, July 13, 2012


(UNFINISHED)                                                                          (UNFINISHED)

Am I wasting my time
By doing what's right
Trying to be a Father
Continuing the fight

I wasn't found guilty
But it's still not enough
Fighting for my daughter
Trying to stay tough

After six days in jail
Money and infame
I'm still looked down upon
Still facing blame

Her mother doesn't care
If Catelyn's heart she breaks
Keeping her from Daddy
Uncaring of the mistakes

Will I ever get the chance
To be her daddy again
Without the fear of reprisal
Will a new chapter begin

I hope one day she'll see
Why daddy wasn't there
Why I missed her firsts
It wasn't because I didn't care

I tried to be her Daddy
The man I was supposed to be
But mommy cut that short
I swear it wasn't me...

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