Sunday, November 11, 2012

Homeless Hero

Sometime I stop

I sit and think
What all has been given
How many pushed to the brink

How many would give up
The lives they share
For a thankless job
For people who rarely care

One day a year
Some free food and a speech
That’s all we get
As quickly as it came, we’re back on the streets

We fought for a country
Who has left us behind
Living on the streets
Yet our communities are blind

Look at what we've done
You're safe and free
Look out your car window
What your freedom has gotten me

You won’t hear me complain
As I sit here and shake
To cold to sleep
So I sit here awake

I don’t need your money
Or even a warm place to stay
A heartfelt thank you
Would go a long way

You don’t know why I’m here
Most don’t bother to ask
I lost my wife and kids
Innocent victims of my past

I didn't know how to handle it
After coming home from hell
Now I spend my time alone
Living in a cardboard cell

It’s been 10 years
Since I've seen her face
My little girl smiling
In her eyes, such grace

Twelve years old
She turned today
A veteran’s day gift
Washed away

This is the thanks
So may veterans get
Alone and forgotten
I thought we’d never forget

So when you see one
Thank a Vet
They don’t want your money
Just some respect

And for those that care...homelessness among Veterans is a growing epidemic. We all need to support our Veterans so that this growing trend does not continue, as well as get those who have already been left behind the help that they deserve!

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