Tuesday, April 2, 2013



the crimes i had committed
i was guilty as sin
a scared little boy
hiding from demons within

i never meant to hurt you
i'm sorry for every tear
my love for you was true
it was me living in fear

you'll always be my love
ill always hold you dear
ill spend my life wishing
i could have kept you near

My love has grown
over time and space
afraid to talk to you
or see your beautiful face

I have a new fear now
that's weighing me down
I'm afraid ill never stop loving you
never stop wanting you around

i'm sorry for the hurt
the pain you felt
i still feel it today
from the pain i dealt

I'm lying in a hotel
after an amazing day
afraid of seeing you again
afraid of what you may say

was it all a mistake
the time we spent
i shudder at the thought
and try to repent
you and trin
hold my heart
with every beat
it pains me to be apart

Maybe I shouldn't have came
made it easier on all
cause when i seen your face
i instantly felt the fall

i'm still madly in love
and i can't help but say
i long to wake up next to you
for the rest of my days

you told me tonight
love never dies
if you ever find yourself single
just look me in the eyes

you'll see the man
that I've become
because the person i used to be
was slowly coming undone

until that time
I'm always here
a victim of my love
no longer living in fear

so keep my heart
and hold it near
think of my love
anytime you feel a tear...

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