Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Walking Away

"Walking Away"

Should I walk away
Let her go
Live my life
On the open road

Would she be better of
without me there
complicating her life
as if I don't care

I've already lost one
i hope she's doing well
How my baby is doing
Her mother refuses to tell

I'm getting tired
of walking alone
surrounded by people
searching for home

Should I give up
Stop the tears
walk away
Face my fears

She is better off
Without me there
I'd give her nothing
but sadness and despair

I've made up my mind
I'm walking away
I'll never forget her
In my heart she'll stay

Raise out daughter
The very best
Tel her "daddy loved her"
But failed life's test

Make sure she ends up
Not like me
Make sure she smiles
Lives happy and free

This choice was made
From the heart with love
As I kiss her goodbye
And embrace death from above...

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