Sunday, January 30, 2011

Final Day

Final Day
J. Rodgers

Although I tried
I could not die
A bottle of pills
Yet nobody cried

They did not care
If I lived or died
Just gives me reason
To give it another try

Without them here
There's nothing left to lose
I have failed myself
Nothing left to prove

As I finish the bottle
Of Gentleman Jack
The pills take effect
I've fallen to my back

I see it all pass
Before my eyes
This life I've wasted
Based on lies

Looking at myself
Frozen in time
Pictures from the past
When you were happily mine

I see the day we met
Rain dripping down your face
Your beautiful blue eyes
As we unpacked your suitcase

I can see Trin
The day her and I met
Or when she called me "Daddy"
That, I'll never forget

Our first real Christmas
Together, at last
It will always be special
A highlight of my past

Now I feel I'm fading
Vision, going black
I'll miss you, and I love you
There's no going back

As my life
Slips away
You were on my mine
On my final day...

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