Monday, January 31, 2011

New Day

"New Day"

We can't feel joy
Without the pain
or smell the roses 
Without the rain

The darkest clouds
Fade away
Revealing to us
A beautiful new day

My Daughter asked
A question so hard
Why the divorce
I feel another scar

The tears she cries
Because of me
She's not the only one
Our tears flow free

I miss her with every
beat of my heart
My beautiful baby girl
Not wanting to be apart

She called me Daddy
I held back my tears
She's seen too many
Over three long years

Her mother and me
My wife and I
We can do this
We need to try

We are better than this
The both of us
We need a little more love
And a lot more trust

Can we do this
Should we try
Is it worth our love
Or should we just say goodbye...

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