Monday, January 31, 2011


J. Rodgers

I'm keeping my heart
Close to my side
I can't let you know
My love I must hide

Over the years
It has held on strong
For the last petal
Is still where it belongs

I wish I could tell you
How I feel inside
Tell you that I love you
and not have to hide

What I want
Can never be
Lost in love
For all eternity

If only we'd look back
Twenty years from now
Laugh at our mistakes
Wondering how

Holding our Grandchild
So beautiful, and true
Finally loving another
As I love her and you

With you I vowed
To spend my life
Trin as my Daughter
You, as my beautiful wife

I know it's too late
We can never be
Together in my dreams
Forever, you and me...

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