Monday, August 15, 2011


You look at me thinking
"He has it all"
A place of his own and money
You never see the fall

I go home alone
lay down in bed
Thoughts of what could be
racing through my head

Thoughts of laying down
A kiss before I sleep
Having someone hold me
When the dreams get too deep

Thoughts of waking up
To another beautiful smile
Knowing she'll always be there
to go the extra mile

I doubt I'll ever find it
A woman who's love is true
Sometimes it's good to be me
Most times I'd rather be you

I'd rather be the person
Who's heart is filled with love
Than the man I have become
Who believes in nothing up above

You look at me thinking
I have it all
As I spiral downward
hugging the wall

Such a long way
Trying not to look down
Embracing my future alone
In my thoughts I slowly drown

I've looked far and wide
to find a woman so true
I think I'd have better luck
If I was more like you

I'll trade you paths
you can have my life
Maybe then I'd feel happy
still have a loving wife

So, I urge you not
envy me
You a much better person
Than I'll ever be...

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