Thursday, August 4, 2011

"Causalities of War"

I've been to hell
To fight and die
The people of this country
Still asking why

Why did you go
Willing to fight
Why don't you care
About doing what's right

Do you get off on it
Have an urge to kill
or a brainwashed Soldier
Who enjoys the thrill

I'm inhumane
So they say
Cause I took a life
To see another day

If only they seen
The pain in my eyes
After that first kill
The tears I cried

That little child
Maybe three years old
A bullet between the eyes
As my heart grew cold

Why you ask
Did the child die
to kill his pain
as the Abrams tracked by

The orders followed
Were plain and clear
We stop for nothing
We must strictly ad hear

The child was laying
In the middle of the street
Hajis with cell phone
Walking their beats

Unable to avoid
The child so near
The possibilities of an IED
Was my number one fear

I shot between the eyes
To minimize the pain
Knowing in my heart
The Abrams could not refrain

Afraid of hearing 
The screaming so loud
Of the child being crushed
and you think I'm proud

You think I don't
Stay awake at night
a victim of my actions
and easy to fright

Now you why
My heart grew cold
The man I am today
Could not be foretold

Whenever I see
a young child alone
I'm taken back to the day
His body laying prone

I don't speak much
of my time in the dust
I find it difficult to love
Even harder to trust

So, tell me again
What you think of me
because of my actions
Your speech is free

The freedom you enjoy
Was payed with my life
I gave all I had
Nothing left for my wife

I've been alone and unhappy
Since I stepped off the sand
I walk alone
She no longer holds my hand

This I've given
To keep you free
My present and future
Everything that was me...

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