Thursday, August 18, 2011

"Dear Catelyn"

Daddy's little angel
Lighting up my way
Forever in my heart
My little girl will stay

I wish you'd slow down
You're growing up to fast
I wasn't supposed to have kids
You're my first, and last

I'm greeted each morning
by your beautiful smile
Like you, I've been waiting
A very long while

The darkened path
I'd always walked
Came to an end
As our eyes first locked

From that moment
I always knew
My life was worth living
because of you

There is nothing in this world
I would not do
to show my baby girl
Daddy's love is true

Nothing compares
to that very first kiss
or falling down myself
when that first step you miss

But , don't worry Catelyn
I'll never let you fall
Your first lesson in life
I love you above all

So, whenever you feel
like you're losing ground
Your daddy is near
just look around

You can always trust
Daddy is here
You're my baby girl
There is nothing to fear

I no longer have
That long regret
Wishing your mother
I had never met

I know her and I
Will never get along
But this much is true
Our love for you is strong

We'll always be here
to help yuo through
When life is hard
We're here for you

The years may pass
but we'll be right here
Growing with our baby
for many long years

One day late
our time will come
Our time together
will come undone

Don't be sad
and please don't cry
We want to remember the happiness
and smile in your eyes

Even after we're gone
My lessons will live on
Live happy and free
and Always stay strong...

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