Saturday, August 6, 2011


Get in my way
and you shall see
The person I've become 
who you've made me

It didnt matter
that you were never there
I didnt miss you
I never cared

You stayed away 
as much as you can
Leaving your family
you had your own plan

You were never needed
as you're still not today
You were never a mother
so get out of my way

You walked out on your family
a husband and son
To fuck a juvenile
your life coming undone

Now you think
you can fix the past
Obcessing over my daughter
it's over at last

You tell people I'm a bad daddy
I'm no good for my girl
At least I'm trying
Not avoiding the hurdle

I'll never walk away
from my beautiful baby girl
I'm nothing like you
My child is my world

So when you think
you're better then me
Look in the mirror
maybe then you'll see

You were a piece of shit mom
and thats coming from me
Keep talking about my daughter 
my face you will see

You may think im playing
but believe me im not
Keep playing your games
I'll leave you to rot

As mean as this sounds
believe me it true
You did it yourself
blame nobody but you

Nobody cares
if tears you cry
I honestly don't give a damn 
if it makes you want to die

Maybe you'll think about
all that you lost
When you didn't give a fuck
about the lives you crossed...

1 comment:

  1. You make the reader feel your pain. Im truly sorry about all the stuff you went through