Friday, August 19, 2011

"I'm Here"

Don't let your tears fall
From your child's eyes
They need not know why
Their mommy cries

They need not know
the hits you take
or that your love for daddy
is predominantly fake

Don't put them in the middle
Never let them see
The fights are between you and him
Let them be free

I know it's not my business
and I don't mean to pry
I'm thinking of the children
You really need to try

I'm here for you now
as I'll always be
friends til the end
you and me

I'm here to catch you
before you fall
Your friend to lean on
When your back is against the wall

I'll pick you up
wipe the tears
With me by your side
You have nothing to fear

I'm your shouder
When you need to cry
the voice of solace
when you hope to die

Don't forget
I'm always near
your friend until the end
here to kiss away your tears

When you decide
to walk away
you and the kids
have a safe place to stay...

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