Thursday, August 25, 2011



What could I do
to catch your eye
I know that you're taken
but still, should I try

You're very beautiful
and sweet as can be
Would I have a chance
if you found yourself free

Those beautiful eyes
and angel face
what I wouldn't do
to stand in his place

The way I feel
It's been so long
I know you're taken
but it doesn't feel wrong

Should I walk away
let you be
to live your life
with him and not me

I think I will
I'll walk away
You seem to happy
for me to stay

Remember this
my heart is true
If you ever need me
I'm here for you

I'm here as a friend
but wishing more
everything about you
I absolutely adore

So to you I give
another chance to say
You want to stand with me
until our final days

Stand together
until the end
life long lover
and very best friend...


  1. I wish I knew the girl you were thinking of when you did that! It is beautiful. I could see your heart in that one a little.

  2. You may get to meet her...because it just so happens that her and I are together now. :o)