Saturday, September 24, 2011

"The Game"

I was hoping to see the smile
Of an angel on your face
Instead I saw a frown
Your happiness misplaced

Nothing is as it seems
It takes time for the truth to come
In the end it won't be us
But Amanda who comes undone

Give it time
And you will see
As her lies come spewing out
Justice will be with me

I'm preparing for a jury
A trial by fire
Getting everything ready
I'm taking the road that's higher

No use in getting mad
Slinging insults and blame
To me this is my life
To her it's just a game

The Police just a pawn
The judge merely the Queen
What she fails to understand
Is the evidence is King

So when it finally comes
We're at the trial date
When all is said and done
Smile, and say 'Checkmate'

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