Saturday, September 24, 2011


I wake up in bed
Nervous and weak
As my feet hit the floor
My outlook appears bleak

I roll outta bed
Stumbling down the hall
Searching for Catelyn's room
Finding only walls

I ask myself why
How can this be
No other reason
It must be me

Am I in hell
Or a dream so real
What will it take
For my mind to finally heal

I make my way back
The way I came
A doorless hallway
I must be to blame

So where do I go
When there's only walls
Then a light up ahead
The flames grow tall

I run towards the light
Flames darting up the walls
Now I see my destiny
I'm destined to fall

I think to myself
No reason to stop
Pushing myself forward
Towards the flames so hot

As I fall into
Eternal flames
I realize something new
Life's just a game

A game of skill
We have to play
If we want to wake up
To another day

In my eyes
The flames die down
Yet another light
Slowly surrounds

I open my eyes
To the sun so bright
Run to Catelyn's room
Hold her tight

The tunnels end
May not be in sight
But just keep searching
Until you find the light...

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