Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Domestic Truths"

I woke up in bed
Not alone
Being touched by another
Amanda lay prone

I told her to stop
'Get the fuck out"
Got out from under her
Began to block

Picked up my cell
Went to the hall
Dodged her fist
As it hit the wall

I went to the bedroom
To avoid the fight
Locked the door
Hoping for a better night

After she kicked in
My bedroom door
I dodged the punches
We toppled to the floor

She grabbed my cell
Busted the screen
The number to call
Were all unseen

I grabbed another
Phone to call
She heard me talking
Ran down the hall

I needed help
So I called the Police
Now I sit in jail
Awaiting release

While she sits at home
A smile on her face
My Daughter in her arms
Another guy at my place

I'm not mad
She'll get what's coming
When the scales of justice tilt
You'll see her come running

Running for the help
She lost long ago
I'm no longer there
This hand let go

Now she'll fall
It's a long way down
In memories of lives shattered
Slowly, she'll drown...

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