Saturday, September 24, 2011

"The Past"

There's been much violence
Bloodshed and tears
You and I tried
Year after year

You didn't understand
You were my true love
Everything about you
Sent from above

But I wasn't enough
To quench your thirst
As I marched off to war
My happy bubble burst

You found someone new
When I got on that plane
Only ten days
Unable to refrain

You didn't care then
If I lived or died
Not til I came home
Nothing left inside

That's when you asked me
If I loved you still
After fucking another
Not against your will

So now take a step
Backwards and see
Who's really to blame
Is it you, or me

Who's to blame
For your tears at night
For the hate in your heart
That pushes you to fight

I'm not to blame
For the pain you feel
I walked away
I took time to heal

I urge to you
Do the same
Live your life
Find a better mind frame...

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