Saturday, September 24, 2011

"The Choice"

Laying here alone
Thinking of my Daughter's eyes
Those beautiful baby blues
Like start in the night sky

I hope one day later
You're old enough to know
My love for you was strong
I never wanted to let go

I never wanted to see you
Shed your tears at night
Or live your life as I
An ongoing fight

Thinking, should I leave
Or for my baby, should I stay
\Should I be a Daddy
Or because of your mommy, walk away

I know I shouldn't do it
But walk away I must
Her mother and I
Have lost all sense of trust

I'm hoping that you know
Your Daddy's love was strong
But I couldn't deal with your mother
It's best that I stay gone

It's best if I leave you now
With a smile, not a tear
If your Daddy you never know
Me leaving, you'll never fear

Sitting here alone
Holding back the tears
Wondering where you'll be
In the next twenty years

I hope you find you'll way
Back into your Daddy's arms
Twenty years from now
I'll still protect you from harm

I'll still be your rock
And hold you when you cry
Hoping for that day
Makes me want to try

So here I am, back where I began
Do I walk away
Or for my baby
Do I stay

I think I'll be a man
Do what I gotta do
Nothing will keep me away
I'm your Daddy, and I love you!

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