Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Running Blind

I feel it happening

I’m losing my mind

With out you here

I’m running blind

Through the darkness

Down the halls

Around the corner

Waiting for the fall

Its bound to come

Only time can tell

How long it will be

Till I fall into hell

There’s no coming back

It’s a long way down

To the fires of hell

In the flames I shall drown

I wish you could save me

But now it’s too late

I’ve made too many mistakes

I’ve lost my soulmate

The light I wish

That I could find

But after everything

I’m running blind

I pray to God

To light the way

Let me wake up

To see a new day

When I wake up

I look for you

Is it really possible

Could God be true

I walk through the darkness

Down the hall

Around the corner

And again, I fall

I need you now

More then life itself

We can do this together

Put the past on the shelf

I’m running blind

Help me see

A life with you

Is where I need to be…

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