Friday, January 8, 2010

The Seventh Day

You get your wish
My life is gone
I care not how
You choose to move on

You took my baby
My ray of light
I see the darkness
My end is in sight

Now I'm alone
Drinking another beer
Cutting for pain
Watching blood mix with tears

The only feelings
I have left
Will be the cause
Of my very last breath

You care not how
You killed me inside
You took my child
You, and my pride

What do I have left
But a reason to cry
I'll never see you again
More of a reason to die

I've tried hard
In seven days
To find reason
To make make myself stay

On the sixth day,
I had but one
But on the seventh
I had but none

So, now we've come
To the end of the line
Now I realize
You'll never be mine

So, I must go
Walk alone
Down this lonely path
'Til I find my way home

When death shall call
I will go
Sooner, more than later
I sincerely hope so...

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