Wednesday, January 13, 2010


As I lay dying
Alone in bed
Thoughts of you
Come racing through my head

What could I have done
To be happy in life
With Trin as my baby
And you, as my wife

I didn't know it then
But I had it all
I didn't know that I loved you
Until after the fall

I told you that I was sorry
But there's nothing I can say
The past may be a memory
But it's one that will not go away

You left me alone
In this house to die
Watching the blood
Contemplating suicide

I've failed in the past
But now you're gone
Nobody to hold me
Or help me stay strong

I may have friends
But they can't see
The man before them
Is not me

So I say again
I need only you
To have, and to hold
And to always be true

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